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  • All in one formula. (“All in one” what your muscles need for faster growth). The strongest over-the-counter muscle growth stimulant.

    The strongest over-the-counter stimulant of muscle growth

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  • Beef hydrolysed protein as a fantastic alternative to whey products.

    Superb peptide – amino acid product of hydrolysed beef of unique quality with the addition of hydrolysed egg albumin to boost the bioavailability in the body.

    • Efficient muscle building
    • An excellent source of protein
    • Top quality and filtration
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    • Contains no lactose residues
    • Extremely fast absorption into a muscle cell
    • Rapid anabolism
    • Suitable for advanced
    • High biological value

    Hydro whey 1kg is a quality hydrolysed whey protein. The high degree of filtration that is achieved in the product guarantees the most efficient absorption of all amino acids included in the protein. Sweetener-free, designed for extreme anabolism and rapid regeneration of the body enriched with BCAA and L-Lysine HCL (L-lysine is an essential building block for all proteins in the body. L-lysine plays a key role in calcium absorption, muscle building, recovery after surgery interventions or injuries and in the production of body hormones, enzymes and antibodies). Hydro whey protein is a product with which you can launch anabolic metabolism to the maximum in the first 15 minutes after training. The product is intended for professionals with high requirements.

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  • Night Casein is a nocturnal, gradually absorbed protein. The ideal supplement for any athlete striving to gain muscle mass, because night is the time when we all have the highest level of proteosynthesis. Therefore, not using the possibility of protein supplementation at night is a missed chance to gain quality muscle mass. It has a thick consistency and satiates well. It is a great source of sustained release protein. Due to its amino acid spectrum, it is sought after among athletes. Casein is a protein suitable as a nightly protein and is also suitable for reduction diets, or during the day, when you know that you will be without protein for a long time.

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    • Increase in muscle mass and strength
    • Great taste and content of quality amino acids
    • Minimum calories from fat and carbohydrates

    Suitable not only for vegans, but also for people with lactose intolerance, or in order to diversify your menu.

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